Tiffany Jentsch


THRIVE – A Retreat for Lesbian/Bi Women

August 30 – September 4, 2015

For Information and to Register, please visit

Kalani Oceanside Retreat | Big Island, Hawai’i

If you are looking for that perfect person who is going to improve your life, look in the mirror. You are all you need. Breakthrough transformations that change negative thoughts into empowering ones. Live with passion and excitement.

BE AWESOME Retreats are a place to connect, reboot, and ignite. It’s time to turn your fears into opportunities and plunge into the healing powers of Hawai’i…your life will never be the same!

Morning ocean-side meditation, empowering seminars, daily fitness classes and cultural immersion on Hawaii’s pristine coastline offer you the platform you need to catapult your life to the next level.


double rainbowBE AWESOME Retreats help you understand why you make decisions that derail your joy, your health and your life. Wake up each day with energy. Succeed in completing challenging tasks. Stop settling for less than you deserve.

Whether you want to lose weight, understand your why your life isn’t the way you want it to be, make better choices, overcome personal hardships, or cultivate healthier relationships – our retreats will give you the space to process your emotions while giving you plenty of support and guidance.This is your chance to embrace your health and vitality and experience the power and beauty of Hawaii.



– LEARN how to meet your fears with strength

– CULTIVATE a healthy mindset

– SUPPORT others while they make difficult life changes

– ENCOURAGE your inner drive to overcome any obstacle

– UNDERSTAND why you make the choices you make

– DISCOVER what how you have been holding yourself back from success

– DISCARD disallowing thoughts and replace with empowering beliefs

– ATTEND interactive presentations that promote personal and professional success

– EXERCISE and LEARN gentle movements to promote circulation and relaxation.




“The Be Awesome Retreat was an amazing experience. I felt that Tiffany really pushed
the group beyond their comfort zones and I saw amazing transformations, especially
within myself. During the first part of the week, she had us do a lot of exercises that felt
uncomfortable to me, but when I finally did them I felt more connected to the group as
well as myself.

I took the retreat not really grasping that I was going to be doing some internal work, I just wanted to try something new. For years I had been experiencing a lot of resistance to public speaking and expressing my emotions, but was not yet at the place where I could find a safe outlet to let those fears go. I was always dodging scenarios in which those things were involved, and would literally have anxiety and feelings of suffocation when discussing my emotions.

The retreat really helped me face those belief systems and allow myself to unravel around people that I knew would
offer support. I felt like a major obstacle was faced and I relived an old trauma, but this time replacing it with a new and positive belief system. I think Tiffany is the catalyst for these types of miracles because she is so compassionate and wise, as well as uplifting. She understands that a true teacher is just supposed to liberate you and direct you to your own inner knowledge.

I found that the retreat really embodied this feeling, instead of being just lectures and facts. The content she uses is interactive, beneficial and practical. I am very grateful to have this life lesson sneak up on me like it did. I left the
retreat feeling empowered and like a weight had been lifted off me. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience this because I truly believe the retreat would benefit anyone, no matter how far along you are in your personal work.” -Julia W.

Tiffany is a true inspiration. She gave me the tools I need to go out and live my dreams. Before the retreat I didn’t truly understand how I was standing in my own way, allowing my beliefs about myself and my own fears stop me from the success that I deserve and am completely capable of achieving.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from attending a Be Awesome Retreat. Whether you are trying to have healthier relationships with others or with yourself, lose weight, start a business, communicate more clearly or simply find what you truly desire, Tiffany will take you through the steps to get out of your own way and live the life you deserve.

Tiffany and the BeAwesome retreat have completely changed my life! Attending may possibly be one of the best decisions you ever make. ” -Lindsay D.


Tiffany Jentsch, Performance Coach | Retreat Facilitator

Tiffany has dedicated more than 4,000 hours to coaching individuals, couples, and families. She has presented over 200 motivational health seminars and workshops worldwide. Speaking on the newest and largest cruise ships in the world gave Tiffany the opportunity to coach hundreds of different people each week.

This unique environment allowed her to experience an incredibly diverse range of personalities and cultures in a very short period of time. Patterns in human behavior became very evident and she developed her skills to help people get results quickly and maintain their progress.
Her transition from a fast-paced lifestyle and 14 hour days to a healthy and fulfilling life created her  mission to show people that a balanced and purposeful existence is within reach…and easier than you may think.

Tiffany’s areas of expertise are health and weight loss, improving relationships, discovering your life’s purpose, and sales coaching. If you want to perform better at work, lose weight healthily, maintain a balanced lifestyle, mend a broken relationship, or release behavioral patterns or a past that may be haunting you, contact Tiffany to schedule your free initial consultation.



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